About us

Our mission

„We take responsibility for food. Everyday, in Germany and the rest of the world. This is our strong point.”
- Peter zur Mühlen

We are one of the leading European companies in the meat and sausage industry, claiming to offer our customers the best products every day. With our Brands Gutfried, Böklunder, Lutz, Könecke, Redlefsen or Schulte we are leading in the German market for self-service processed meat products and preserved meat. We are producing more than 2 billion consumer packages every year with our team of more than 4,000 employees. This is our strong point. Like this we are taking responsibility for a very important part of our customers’ everyday life: food.

The zur Mühlen Group in terms of numbers

Zur Mühlen Group – the name stands for a wide range of high-class meat and sausage specialties made in top quality in 14 production sites in Germany and Poland. Our products are often part of daily life and can be found in many national and international households.

2 billion

We are producing about 2 billion consumer packages every year, which makes a market share of 22% of the zur Mühlen Group in terms of figures

240 million

We have spent 240 million Euros in total from 1998-2018 in order to improve operating procedures and modernize the production facilities

8-10 million

We are reaching about 8-10 million consumers with our product every day


We are spending about 4,5 million Euros every year for approx. 50,000 laboratory analyses in order to guarantee our product safety


Is the number of employees working for us (depending on the season) in 14 locations in Germany, Denmark und Poland


We are exporting 25% of our products to 40 countries worldwide