We don’t just think about today, we also think about tomorrow!

Ecological, economic and social corporate management and also innovations and future-oriented technologies in the environmental field are points of focus at the zur Mühlen Group. Above and beyond the statutory regulations, we also perform our own audits. Our specially appointed environment representatives assume special tasks associated with sustainability issues. All employees and suppliers are involved in the implementation of new ideas. In this way the zur Mühlen Group more than satisfies its "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)".

„Employees are our most valuable asset.“

Responsible conduct is not just credible if it is shown to the outside world, but also if it is experienced by the staff.

The zur Mühlen Group trains its own junior staff. Every year the company trains a series of young people into qualified staff. Many of them are offered permanent employment after their training.

The staff loyalty is reflected in the unusually high number of employment jubilees: 20 or 30 years are not uncommon.

„Occupational safety for best working conditions.“

Numerous protection measures taken over recent years have ensured that the level of absenteeism and accident rates in the zur Mühlen Group are kept to a minimum.

This includes regular occupational safety training. Also, the company provides the employees with protective clothing.

The zur Mühlen Group has also invested in soundproofing in the production facilities.

„Waste gas and exhaust air cleaning for energy recovery.“

The zur Mühlen Group uses efficient procedures for cleaning waste gas and exhaust air.

The smoke from the curing chambers is used to generate warm water by means of thermal afterburning.

In the heat-power plants at the zur Mühlen Group the waste heat is used to produce power for the production.

„Efficient logistics for less pollution.“

The logistics are managed centrally at the zur Mühlen Group. This ensures that the right goods arrive at the right place at the right time. One priority is to minimize traffic on the roads and to keep the effect on the environment to a minimum.

The tour and route planning is continually checked. As a result, it has been possible to reduce the number of empty tours by 25% over the past two years.

The vehicle pool at the zur Mühlen Group is continuously modernized. The efficient logistics is reflected in the cooperation with the suppliers of fresh goods.

Regular training is conducted to consolidate the staff know-how with regard to ecological driving and efficient loading and stowing.