Our Brands

  • Böklunder – Premium quality made in Germany

    Böklunder stands for reliable quality products with a great taste as it used to be since 1934, a brand for the whole family!

    Picture of appetizing sausages
    Picture of Böklnder products

    Discover the diversity of flavours and taste with Gutfried poultry sausages!

  • ZIMBO - einfach gute Wurst!

    Wünsch dir eine leckere Wurstsorte, wir haben sie! Die Marke Zimbo bietet die gesamte Vielfalt bei Wurst und Aufschnitt, von Salami und Lyoner über Knusperschinken bis hin zur krossen Rostbratwurst. Hinzu kommt ein breites Angebot an Snacks und Convenience-Produkten.

  • hareico – The real northern taste!

    hareico stands for decades of tasty sausage speicalities from northern Germany

  • MARTEN - Innovation from tradition

    MARTEN means reliable craftsmanship and an honest claim for highest and constant quality for more than 150 years.

  • Lutz - butchery at it's best from Bavaria

    Born in a family onwed butchery in 1891, Lutz is a brand charactierized by honest craftsmanship ,original recipes and the love for exceptional quality.

  • Weimarer - for real sausage fans!

    Weimarer offers a range of specialities typical for the region of Thuringia and known for their traditional and authentic recipes, The product range includes scalded and cooked sausages, ambient luncheon meats and spreads, cooked sausages in MAP, vac or glas jars, dry-cured ham and a range of canned sausages.

  • Lechtaler – Bavarian Quality

    The Bavarian facility has reintroduced its traditional brand Lechtaler and produces all products of the line in Landsberg am Lech. Top-quality sausages with unique taste.  

  • The King of Hot Dogs!

    For more than 83 years Wikinger is a well known brand not only in Germany, but also one of the fastest growing brands in the United Kingdom. Wikinger: great value, great taste!

  • Dölling – Tradition since 1907

    Dölling represents high quality fermented sausage specialities of the very northern part of Germany according to traditional recipes since 1907. Dölling products are not only found as pre-pack goods, but also in0 service counters as whole pieces.

  • Astro – Experts for fermented Salami products and ham

    When quality and tradition combine, they create a distinctive flavour that you can taste! For more than 80 years Astro is an experct when it comes to Westphalian specialities such as ham, fermented salami products or aspic products. Try it and taste the real flavour of Westphalia!

  • Redlefsen - Since 1865

    Redlefsen stands for traditional butchery since 1865 with highest quality and delicate taste. Redlefsen conveniece food like the Bockwurst and BBQ sausages are also successfully established at numerous gas stations accross the country, popular as snack "to go".

  • Schulte - The Sausage!

    For more than 100 years wholesaler appreciate the high quality butchery of Schulte raw sausage products. Schulte is one of the top brands for service counters in Germany and also known for its pre-packed sausage products, snacks and aspic specialities on self-service Counters.

  • Könecke - Great sausages!

    The name Könecke stands for a broad variety of meat and sausage products, made with traditional butchery craftsmanship. Könecke is a competent and known brand for your self-service counter products such as scalded and raw sausages, as well as sausages in a jar or cooked sausages.

  • Könecke Polska

    Wysublimowany smak i jakość salami Könecke znają i doceniają najbardziej wybredni koneserzy tego gatunku wędlin. Nie mniej jednak, Prawdziwi smakosze i znawcy salami poszukują nowych doznań kulinarnych. Dla tych Klientów rozpoczęliśmy produkcję salami pod znaną Marką Könecke Polska, która jest synonimem najwyższej jakości.

  • Jensen's - A royal delight!

    As former purveyor to the Royal Danish Household, Jensen's has itself commitet to deliver the best taste possible in the highest quality. Jensen's products are traditionally made with delicate ingredients and claims an excellent indulgence. Jensen's fine foods are made for modern gourmets.

  • Heine's - Classical specialities

    The name "Heine's" comes from the butcher Friedrich Heine in Saxony Anhalt who was already successfull with sausages in a tin in 1896. Still today Heine's products such as the cooked sausages or ragout fin are traditionally made in highest quality.

  • Zerbster original

    Mostly known as a traditional brand for aspic specialities from Germany's East, more and more consumers in the Western part of Germany get to know and appreciate the great taste of Zerbster Original. These include aspic products, sausages in a jar, as well as cabanossis.

  • Plumrose - The Scadinavian specialist

    Registered in 1932, Plumrose quickly became a well known and successful export brand in several different countries. Today Plumrose is especially known for ist sausages in a tin or jar in the self-service areas.

  • Naumburger – Specialities from Saxony-Anhalt

    The brand Naumburger ist most famous for its Leberkäse - specialities which are still made according to a Saxon original recipe. Quality products made in Saxony-Anhalt - Quality that you can taste!

  • Wilx - Small products with a big success!

    Wilx products have the perfect small format for big costumers such as communal catering and gastronomy. The range of products includes vegetable spreads, liverwurst and poultry spreads, thus everything you need for a delicious slice of bread.

  • Vevia - Enjoy vegan!

    The brand Vevia is for those searching for a alternative nourishment to meat. Vevia products are made with top-quality plant-based proteins and without additional falvour enhancer or seasoning, but with an extra load of fresh and delicious taste!