Quality Policy

Leader in quality and safety

Food is not just about satisfying our appetite, it should be a pleasure we enjoy! That is why at the zur Mühlen Group we do not compromise on the quality of our products. Our sausages and meat products are “end to end” quality which is assured through the entire supply chain from “farm to fridge”!

Centralized control of all quality management activities

Quality comes first in all companies of the zur Mühlen Group.
Therefore, all quality management activities of the Group are controlled centrally .

For this reason the Technology Centre in Satrup was opened in 2008. Product development, quality management and quality assurance are working together in order to ensure the consistent transparency of all development projects of the zur Mühlen Group. The state-of-the-art laboratories for microbiology, chemistry and sensor technology guarantee certified quality standards and unconditional product safety.

Integrated management system for the highest standard of quality

All companies of the zur Mühlen Group work with an integrated quality management system. By doing so we do not only meet national standards but also satisfy the most stringent international requirements for certification under BRC and IFS.

50,000 laboratory tests each year

Our products are regularly checked. This is done not only in our laboratories at the Technology Centre but also in external impartial laboratories.

More than 50,000 tests are carried out each year. Each article runs through 61 internal testing stations, from arrival of the raw materials to the article’s completion and delivery. This way, we guarantee the high standard of quality and safety of our products.

Full traceability

Each component of our product can be fully traced. With the help of a sophisticated numbering system and the data contained on the labels, all raw materials of the respective product charge and their respective supply and testing parameters can be identified and tracked. Therefore we know which product was produced when and which of the processed raw materials came from which supplier. Each of our suppliers committs to comply with our quality standards during the production of its goods. In this respect, we carry out regular intense audits processes at our suppliers production sites.