A job with a great perspective!

Searching for a job with a great future perspective?

Working in the food industry is more and more in demand as the production and monitoring of food products has to comply with rising quality standards. Applicants benefit from an increase in demand for specialized personnel in the industry.

Nowadays it is becoming more important to customers to have further information about their food, its ingredients and its production, as they are willing to eat healthy and balanced. As a consequence it is not surprising that a lot of professions have to do with food and nutrition.

Food science is becoming more popular, too. The aim is to improve production and to make the food itself more nourishing and tasty. We at zur Mühlen Group take this development into account and develop the number and variety of apprenticeships even further.

Specialists are responsible for safety and hygienic standards, they make sure that the packaging is environmental friendly or they take care of the ingredients of different products while taking into account different food allergies. In short: You will have plenty of possibilities at zur Mühlen Group if you want to work in the food industry.

We are also looking for business specialists who participate actively in the different departments of our company, who want to make a career and be part of the team. We are improving ourselves and yourself! We are driven by the market’s innovation and progress. Our market is challenging us and is always developing. Therefore, you are just right at zur Mühlen Group if you are a flexible thinker and want to build your career.

Apprenticeships in the food industry

You have a variety of possibilities to get to know the food industry: We are offering apprenticeships for various departments such as food technology expert, machine and plant operators, food sales persons or butchers. Following your apprenticeship you have a wide range of career possibilities at zur Mühlen Group.